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Tama egyenes állvány HC42W

Egyenes állványok / Tama / Azonosító: 09042

19.100 Ft
 The new Stage Master Straight cymbal stand with double braced legs now features the Quick-Set cymbal mate for faster setup and breakdown.



25.4mm Diameter Base Section Tubing

Quick-Set Cymbal Mate

Fine Gear Tilter

Double Braced Legs

Weight: 2.9kg (6.6lbs)

Height Adjustment Range: 690mm - 1,420mm (27 1/8" - 55 15/16")


  • Quick-Set Cymbal Mate (US. PAT.No.7629526)

    TAMA's new "Quick-Set Cymbal Mate" enables all drummers to set and release their cymbals quickly.
    While you keep pushing both side of red fastening button, you can move cymbal mate up and down without screwing.

  • Reversible Bottom (US. PAT.NO.6239343)

    The cymbal bottom protects the cymbal's center hole from the tilter's shaft and threads. If part of the nylon sleeve wears out, you can continue to use the cymbal bottom by turning it upside down.

  • Newly Designed Die-Cast Joint

    The new Die-Cast Joint design provides a more solid attachment by holding the tube with a Nylon Bushing that is secured by the T-bolt. This reduces any play within the stand, which in turn maximizes the instrument's natural resonance.

  • Newly Designed Tripod Legs

    The New Stage Master double braced leg stands now feature a streamlined design inspired by the STAR and Roadpro series, easing drummer's setup woes by minimizing contact between stands in tight spaces.

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