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Ibanez AE800 akusztikus gitár
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Ibanez  AE800 akusztikus gitár
AE800 AS

body shape AE Body
top Solid Sitka Spruce top
back & sides Solid African Mahogany back & sides
bracing Scalloped X bracing
neck Advanced Comfort African Mahogany neck
fretboard Rosewood
bridge Rosewood
body binding White
inlay Mother of Pearl dot inlay
soundhole rosette Abalone and Maple rosette
tuning machine Gotoh® SGS510Z tuners (1:18 gear ratio)
nut material Bone
number of frets 20
saddle material Compensated 4mm Bone Saddle
bridge pins Ebony bridge pins
strings D'Addario® EXP™ strings
pickup Ibanez T-bar undersaddle pickup
preamp Ibanez Custom Electronics
output jack 1/4" Endpin Jack
battery 2032 size Coin Lithium Battery (3V) *2
finish top Gloss
finish back and sides Gloss
finish neck back Satin


Scale : 648mm
a : Width 44mm at NUT
b : Width 55mm at 14F
c : Thickness 20mm at 1F
d : Thickness 21mm at 7F
Radius : 430mmR


a : Length 20"
b : Width 16 1/8"
c : Max Depth 4 1/2"



  • Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Preamp AGP10 included
  • Hardshell case included


AE body shape

Designed for projection, balance, and comfort, the AE's perfectly crafted contemporary body shape offers the best of all worlds.
Scallop X bracing

The AE features bracing designed to project the guitar's complete sonic spectrum. From deep, robust lows; through a smooth, pronounced mid-range; to bright, articulate highs-the AE X bracing design delivers the complex overtones that are present in only the highest quality acoustic instruments.
Advanced Comfort neck

The AE's "Advanced Comfort Grip" neck shape is an Ibanez original that provides superior comfort and playability. A slight, yet purposeful, asymmetric neck adds to the guitar's unique, natural feel.
Far-Infrared Low-Temperature Drying Process

In a kiln created especially for fine wood, the AE's fine tonewoods are dried slowly at approximately 40 degrees Celsius by a far infrared method. This wood-drying approach was chosen for its stress-free effect upon the materials, keeping them stable without negatively affecting the wood's resin component-factors that, in the end, impact tone.
Bone nut & 4mm bone saddle

The bone nut was chosen for its ability to transfer string vibration naturally. The thicker-than-ordinary 4mm bone saddle improves intonation accuracy.
Gotoh® Chrome SGS510Z tuners (18:1 gear ratio)

The Gotoh® SGS510Z machine heads offer incredible tuning stability.
AGP10 external preamp

Designed in collaboration with artists and professional sound engineers, the AGP10 is a stand-alone unit. In contrast to "onboard" electronics, this approach preserves the guitar's integrity, both acoustically and structurally, while still providing the performer easy access for on-the-fly adjustments.


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