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Easy Chipper D
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Introducing an easier way to increase spins per hour and improve Roulette performance. With a variety of enhanced features and even better performance, the new Easy Chipper D is a must-have for your busy roulette tables. Its improved chip handling, better safety features and fewer moving parts enable quick and accurate ship sorting, which increase the number of spins per hour. Features Improved chip handling with no more safety flaps Integrated shield that prevents chips from falling out of the chip rack and more space to grab below the last chip Fewer moving parts resulting in less wear and less maintenance Fully enclosed, larger pre-separator Electrical height adjustment for optimal comfort on any table height Easy to use touch screen operation Three selectable operating speeds USB connection for logbook, software update and communication Easy to install table rail with improved stability Diagnostic mode for service and network functionality Benefits Power driven stack cutters quickly and easily cut and align a 20 chip stack Self-adjusting color line reader heads adjust to one of three selected speeds to accomodate increased chip load Sorts chips with a proven hopper design faster than any other chip sorting machine Off-sort for all non-recognized and non-programmed chips Reduced noise level Specifications Power: 115-230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, max 2 amp Dimensions: 30.08" x 24.65" x 36.97" (76.4cm x 62.6cm x 36.97cm) Weight: 154lbs (70kg)

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