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Blackjack Switch
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Blackjack Switch is an exciting way to play blackjack that allows players to "switch" the order of their cards to make their best blackjack hand. To begin, players must place equal bets on both betting positions. The dealer then deals the player two separate blackjack hands. Once the players reviews both hands, they have the choice of keeping their hands as they were dealt or "switching" the second card from each hand. Switching may only take place after the dealer has checked for a natural blackjack. The dealer will then proceed following house rules for blackjack. Note: Doubling and splitting are allowed, even after "switching." Blackjack pays even money. If the dealer makes a hard total of 22, all remaining bets push. Blackjack Switch also features an optional side bet called Buster Blackjack. Players win this bet if the dealer busts, and the more cards the dealer has when busting, the more players win. To maximize game play, we recommend using an one2six shuffler.

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